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Sunday, November 16, 2014

True&Co: A different kind of lingerie shopping experience

I've never really liked shopping for lingerie online. You never know what's going to fit, and it's always such a hassle to return things if they are the wrong style or size. But True&Co changed that.

True&Co has a unique quiz that focuses on more than just cup size to help find the bras that are best suited for you. By also focusing on the unique shape and fullness of your bust, the True&Co formula can adjust your recommendations based on the style and cut of different bras.

Better yet, with True&Co boxes like the one pictured above, you can pick a selection of different colors, styles, and brands to be delivered straight to your door. You keep the ones you like, send back the ones you don't, and you'll only be charged for the ones you keep.

Sound good to you? Take the True&Co fit quiz and get $25 off your first order here.

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